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They say that good things come in small packages, and Adonia is no exception to the rule – small but perfectly formed. Which is why seeing her alongside the giant that is Britannia was an extreme contrast to say the least! I’ve never seen Britannia in person before, so it was interesting to get a glimpse of what everyone’s been talking about – it was certainly odd standing on the top observation deck of Adonia looking up at balconies above us!

Once again we had chosen to go on one of P&O Shore Excursions, ‘Champagne, Lobster and Snorkel’. We had seen advert s and hear whisperings about how incredible it was, so expectations were high.

The trip was with local Grenada company Shadowfax Cruises, once again it was a small group on board. Continuing the ‘good things come in small packages’ theme, this catamaran was one of the smaller ones we’ve been on, with 18 passengers and 3 crew. Despite this, it was still a comfortable size, with plenty of shades and comfortable cushioned seating on the inside.

We first sailed along the coast to our snorkelling destination, an area where sunken statues were nestled among the reef. These included a woman knelt in prayer, a ring of 14 children, a figure of Jesus and a piece titled “Nutmeg Princess”. The water was quite cloudy however we could still see the statues well enough, as well as various other pieces of wildlife. Those that we could see included various corals, and shoals of parrot fish. Unbeknown to us, another creature lurked in the deep…

As we were getting back aboard the catamaran our guide whispered to me that there had been a reef shark by one of the statues, but he had elected not to let the group know in case anyone panicked – he assured me they are gentle enough and wouldn’t have been interested in us. He initially suggested we could go back to see it but decided he didn’t trust me not to panic at the sight of it! I’d already seen a barracuda lurking in the deep – that’s scary enough for me already!

On the plus side, I can now say I’ve been swimming with sharks, even if I didn’t know it at the time!

After snorkelling, we made our way back past the two P&O sisters and round to the Atlantic side of the island. All the Caribbean islands have a Caribbean side and Atlantic side, the main difference being that the latter is often choppier from the ocean winds – Grenada didn’t disappoint!

Our catamaran bounced along, pushed on by the winds in her sails, and those of us sitting at the front of the boat got wet – very wet! This apparently drew complaints from someone onboard…I’m not sure what she expected from sitting at the front! Obviously conditions will very much depend on the weather on the day, but I would advise taking some travel sickness pills or bands if you’re sensitive to the movement of the boats!

We finally reached our destination of Hogg Island, an uninhabited island off the mainland of Grenada. Although no one lives there, it’s clearly a popular spot for picnicking amongst locals and tourists alike. The small treelined beach we stopped at was filled with picnic benches, and a central communal barbecue was preparing lunch for our group.

And what a lunch it was – huge juicy lobsters with potato salad and crisp lettuce, accompanied by generous servings of sparkling wine. I’ve never understood the obsession with lobster, my only real experience being the meagre portions on P&O (sorry!!). I’m now a total convert – it was mouthwatering.

Lobster makes for messy eating – there’s a lot of meat hidden away in the knuckles and legs that you have to pull apart with your hands. Convenient then that we could slip into the sea for a post lunch swim to wash off!

With a belly full of lobster and wine, surrounded by a good group of people and beautiful scenery, it easy to say I was in total bliss. Of course it could have been the alcohol, but the trip really was heaven.

After lunch was finished, we climbed aboard, just as a packed, noisy catamaran of Britannia passengers arrived. Maybe the small numbers trend I’ve noticed is just an Adonia thing after all! We sailed back, shrieking at the waves splashing us, getting an extra soaking from a brief rain storm.

Then it was time for a few relaxing hours on board, waiting to see the infamous Rhum Runner return, watching inebriated people staggering, crawling, and sometimes being wheelbarrowed back to the ship is always amusing!

This is one of the most expensive trips we’ve done, but it’s worth every penny – I’d definitely advise you to allocate some spending money on it – it’s absolute paradise!

Was the food gluten free?

Right, I’m going to have to give some contamination warnings here.

When we got back on board after snorkelling we were offered round bread and cheese, apple slices and ginger biscuits – they do use the same serving tongs to hand out all of the above, meaning even if you just want cheese and apple, there is cross contamination.

For the lunch itself, everything we ate was gluten free. The dishes were served with bread however, so there is a possibility that again there was contamination from serving tongs again. Also, the lobsters were cooked on a communal barbecue, so I can’t guarantee what other foods or seasonings have been put on there.

How to book Shadowfax Cruises

We booked this excursion with P&O Cruises Shore Excursions team. You can book onboard, or through your Cruise Personaliser. They also offer a sunset sail trip which I’ve heard is fabulous.

If you’re interested in Shadowfax Catamaran Cruises and are not sailing with P&O I believe they are available to book directly – email shadowfax@spiceisle.

What would you recommend to do in Grenada? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Hit me up on social media to keep an eye on those Gluten Free Horizons!

Disclaimer: Whilst I am gluten free and sensitive to cross-contamination, I am not coeliac and cannot guarantee the above food would be risk-free and safe for those with Coeliac Disease. For more information, please visit my full disclaimer.

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