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I want my blog to be completely honest in regards to my opinions about products and experiences – many of my posts will be from personal experiences at my own expense – sponsored posts and PR sample reviews will always be declared as below.

Affiliate Links

I occasionally use affiliate links on my blog post meaning if you purchase a product through that link, I will receive a small commission. This is not at any cost to you. Not every link on my blog will be an affiliate link.

PR Samples

I may sometimes review products and samples I have been sent by companies – I promise my reviews will always remain honest and I will only accept products I would genuinely have considered trying for myself and think will fit with my blog!  If a product has been sent to me to be reviewed, I will clearly indicate by putting a * next to the title.

Sponsored Posts

I may sometimes write sponsored posts, in which I have been paid to write about a topic, product, or company. If a post is sponsored it will always be disclosed by putting #spons in the title.

Gluten Free Advice

I am not a medical professional – the opinions, reviews, and suggestions on this blog are my personal views and experiences. Also, although I am very sensitive to cross contamination, I do not have coeliac disease so cannot vouch for how safe my recommendations are for someone with coeliac disease.

Unless you are eating in a facility that is 100% gluten free, there is always a risk of cross contamination. Please bear this in mind, and do your own research and make your own decision on whether it will be safe for you to dine somewhere – everyone reacts differently.

I may from time to time mention gluten free products – this may be correct at the time of posting, however companies do change recipes from time to time – please read and verify ingredients for yourself.

I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. I am not responsible or liable for any reactions that might result from following the posted advice.

If in any doubt about following advice regarding gluten free diets, please consult a medical professional.