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Get cashback on booking holidays - how to save money on travel

How I Got £150 Towards My Group’s Holiday Spend

How To Get Cashback Booking A Holiday

The internet is a wonderful invention isn’t it? Alongside staying in touch with friends, pinning your dream wedding (just me?) and watching endless cat videos, the internet has completely revolutionized booking holidays.

It’s a bit mad to imagine a time before sites like Air BnB and OnTheBeach, I vaguely remember the days of Teletext, where you’d sit watching an ugly screen on the tv to get the best holiday package deals.

It’s a good job it’s been made so easy, as it made for an easy time booking a couple of group holidays for me and my friends.

I mean, ok, we had to faff about sorting out dates and who was rooming with who and making sure everyone had a valid passport (they didn’t), but other than that the online booking process itself was an absolute breeze.

Every little helps!

What made the booking process even sweeter, was that I knew we could get some cashback by booking online. Like a lot of my holiday and online shopping habits, I got this tip from my mum!

Both of us are now sworn Cashback addicts. My favourite sites are Quidco and TopCashback – both really easy to use websites that basically gives you free money.

Ok it’s not entirely free –  you obviously have to buy something first as it’s a cashback site. How it works is I guess kind of like an affiliate link – the cashback sites get paid a commission by retailer based on how much you’ve spent, and they share the commission with you.

You simply find a website through Quidco or Topcashback, visit and make your purchase and the site tracks what you’ve spent and gives you a percentage back.

Not all retailers and travel agents are on there, but it’s always worth having a look – make sure you check both sites to see which is giving the best cashback rate at the time! When I booked a holiday for me and my friends, I got £150 cashback by going to the booking site via Quidco.

Cashback is for life, not just for holidays!

It’s not just travel companies that are on there, you can also use Quidco for your online shopping hauls – as of March 2018 you can get cashback on ASOS, Very, New Look and Boohoo to name but a few! Perfect if you’re planning on getting some cute holiday outfits!

You can also use Quidco when you’re changing things like travel insurance – just be sure to read the T&Cs carefully!

Cashback rates vary depending on the retailer and time of year – sometimes you might get a set percentage back on your first purchase and then a lower percentage after that – some retailers offer a fixed amount of money back.

If you do a lot of online transactions it adds up very quickly – I don’t do that much but I’ve accumulated over £200 – my mum’s into the thousands!

Top tips for using Cashback sites

These are really important as it can stop your purchases from tracking. Your history and cache need to be clean of the site you’re planning to buy from.

Say for example I’m buying a dress from ASOS.

  • Visit the site and do your browsing and write down the product code of the item you want.
  • Come off the site and clear your internet history as far back as necessary – I use CCleaner to make sure all the cookies are gone.
  • Log into the cashback site and find the ASOS page and click the “Get Cashback” button
  • This will open up the ASOS site – you can then search for the product codes or just browse and purchase the items as normal.
  • When you check out your cashback should track in your account – it takes a different amount of time depending on the retailer but you’ll then start accumulating cashback in your account.
  • Some purchases might only give you £0.50 back but it soon starts adding up if you do a lot of online shopping!

Once you’ve accumulated an amount you’re happy with, you can withdraw the cashback as a bank transfer, PayPal transfer or get it as a gift voucher (you often get a little bonus if you go with this option). I know TopCashback gives the option to convert your cashback into Avios points if you collect those for your travels!

Sign Up To Get Your Cashback Here!

Seriously, I can’t begin to recommend these sites enough – if I’ve convinced you to sign up for them, I’d be super grateful if you’d consider signing up via my referral links below! As with all referral links this costs nothing to yourself but I get a little bonus towards my travels and keeping this blog running!

Sign Up For Quidco 

Sign Up For Top Cashback

How I get Cashback Booking Travel | Gluten Free Horizons
How I get Cashback Booking Travel | Gluten Free Horizons


  • 12/04/2018

    Thank you for sharing these useful tips with us.

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    I LOVE cashback sites and use several of them. These are great tips!

  • 16/04/2018

    I’ve used Ebates, but not the sites you’ve mentioned. Cash back is great. I’m excited to learn of new sites to explores more ways to get “free” money!

  • 17/04/2018

    I so need to start taking advantage of cash back programs. It’s something I’ve never really looked into, but these are really great tips!

  • 17/04/2018

    These tips are useful. I can now even save more while spending

  • 18/04/2018

    Great tips! I think you hit the nail on the head – every little bit helps!

  • Summer Mitch Ryan


    Who wouldn’t want a cashback? I’d certainly be checking this out. Travelling as a family surely requires a lot of money and being able to save in whatever method possible is totally welcomed.

  • 18/04/2018

    This is great. I mean who wouldn’t want cashback. We travel as a family and it requires money and if we could save in whatever method possible that would be awesome.

  • Angelle


    Wow!! Never heard of this! Thanks for sharing.



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