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I love travelling, I always have, and I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve managed to see so much of the world so far (41 countries in 24 years isn’t bad I don’t think!)

Having said that though, there are a lot of places I haven’t visited yet that I’ve been eyeing up over the years. Some I just haven’t got there yet, some are….quite frankly way out of my budget!

Here are the top eight places on my bucket list!

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

I’m very lucky in that I can tell you exactly when this will become a reality, because I’m heading off to Singapore today, in fact I might be on my way when you read this!)

I absolutely love the film Avatar, no matter how predictable it was. The spirituality of the Na’avi appealed to my inner Religious Studies nerd, James Horner’s scoring is absolutely gorgeous and the CGI is incredible.

Mini film review over, I’ve always thought from pictures that Gardens by the Bay looks like it’s come straight out of Pandora – well, at least soon I’ll be able to see if it lives up to it in real life!

Update – I visited Singapore in February 2018! Check out my blog posts here! 

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Cocos, Antigua

A slight cheat post, because I have actually been to Antigua before on P&O Azura and Adonia. It’s a gorgeous island in the Caribbean, with a beach for every day of the year. I think it’s the island I’d love to visit to stay on (a land holiday!? Shock horror!) and when we were there in January we were eying up this absolutely gorgeous hotel on the cliff – it was stunning. We’d spent a full day on the beach and were watching the sun go down, and I couldn’t help but wish I was in one of the beautiful cliffside villa sipping champagne, as fun as the $20 beach bed was!

Cocos Hotel, Antigua


It’s only a ferry ride away, but I’ve never managed to visit yet. We were supposed to go on our P&O Arcadia Christmas cruise but couldn’t get into port because of storms. Anyway, I’ve always loved the look of it, with beautiful winding streets, canal boats and flowers.


Havana, Cuba

I’ve always fancied it, but if there’s anything in pop culture that’s influenced my wanderlust for Cuba it’s less the Camila Cabello song and more Guys and Dolls – I want to drive around in one of those old cars, dance the night away at the Club Tropicana and drink Dulce de Leches!

Havana, ooh na-na


I studied Religious Studies for A Level and very nearly did a degree in Theology, much to the confusion of most of my family – “But aren’t you an atheist? Are you converting?”

The answer was and still is, no I’m not converting to anything, but I’ve always been fascinated by religion and how it guides people and cultures. That’s why I’d love to visit the city that’s so important to so many people around the world.

Unfortunately, the area isn’t the safest of tourist destinations, so this might be a bucket list item I never get to see. I hope that’s not the case.

Northern Lights

How could you not have this on your bucket list? And no, I’m not talking about the ones in Blackpool!

The Northern Lights must be one of the most beautiful sights in the natural world! I’ve visited Scandinavia before but we weren’t far North enough to see the lights, so I’d love to go further to see them one day. Imagine staying in one of those glass igloos! How incredible would that be?

New Orleans

What can I say? This city looks incredible! I’d love to visit during Mardi Gras and take in the music and dancing – plus after experiencing it on Holland America’s Eurodam, a visit to BB Kings is a must!

The Seven Wonders of the World

Shush, I know this should by rights take up most of the list, but I want to be able to tick them all off in my lifetime, So far I’ve managed to tick off one, the Colosseum in Rome.

What’s on your bucket list? Have you been to any of the places above? Let me know down in the comments!


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