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When you’re about to embark your first long long haul flight for ten years, with 6802 miles to go and 8 time zones to pass through, your expectations aren’t necessarily the highest. Especially with the daunting fact that you will flying Singapore Airlines gluten free. Nevertheless, it was the only way we could possibly get to our Sappire Princess cruise – needs must and all that!

I should have known we’d be in good hand with Singapore Airlines. They’ve won heaps of awards, including Business Traveller‘s Best Economy Class in 2017.

I’d dutifully armed my luggage with my packing essentials, including gluten free food as a backup. I’d also packed some pyjamas and clean underwear to try and make the flight as comfortable as possible when you’re slumming it in economy.

By the way, Singapore Airlines’ business class seats looked incredible, plus the detailing was rose gold. Seriously. (Sorry, I’m still completely on board this colour trend)

The envy was relatively short lived – I think Singapore Airlines is possibly the best economy experience its possible to have.

How was it for comfort?

The first thing we noticed was the legroom. I’m about 5 ft 7” and found it fine, even with my massive water bottle in the seat back pocket.

This is the leg room you can expect from a Singapore Economy Class flight, perfect for long haul and made better by them serving gluten free food!

Waiting for us on our seats were blankets and pillows to help us as we tried to sleep. We had seats that had a toilet behind, which meant they had slightly more space to lean back.

Once were settled in, stewardesses came around handing out hot towels so you could clean your hands. We were also given toothbrushes, toothpaste and flight socks – another nice touch to provide as much comfort as possible.

In-flight entertainment

It also features the entertainment system, which is probably one of the best I’ve seen. The screen is much larger than some other airlines I’ve travelled on. There’s a hand set that acts a remote control if you don’t want to use the touch screen – the handset also had a touch screen of its own on it.

In flight entertainment in Singapore Airlines economy class
In flight entertainment controller on Singapore Airline economy class
Great little gadget. I do love a good gadget.

The system included a selection of films and tv shows, as well as music and some audiobooks. There was also a channel with a map and flight information. There was plenty to keep me entertained – I worked my way through Thor Ragnarok, Prince of Egypt and Coco. Pro tip, have some tissues at the ready for Coco. There was also a ton of music from pop to jazz to musical theatre – they even had the Hamilton soundtrack. I REPEAT, THEY HAD THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK!

In flight entertainment  with gluten free food on Singapore Airlines
Hey, dinner and a show!

Eating gluten free on Singapore Airlines

I’d read reviews that eating gluten free on Singapore Airlines was good, and they weren’t wrong! We’d asked our travel agent (Cruise Nation) to order a gluten free meal, and when I checked in online this was flagged as having been requested. Still a stewardess came and found me early on to confirm that I needed it and marked my seat so that I could be found easily during food service.

When my food arrived it was great! The hot meal going out was chicken with sweet potato mash and green beans, and on return a lamb curry – both so tasty considering it’s plane food! On the outward journey there was a BFree bread roll and Mrs Crimbles macaroon, much to my delight. On the way back I had to be content with rice cakes, unsurprising as I was to discover that finding gluten free food in Singapore was a bit of a pain!

Outbound gluten free food on Singapore Airlines economy class - outbound form the UK was better than inbound.

The gluten free breakfast was equally good – eggs and mushrooms with gluten free sausage and beans, along with another Bfree roll with butter and marmalade, a fruit salad, a Yeo valley yogurt and one of the nicest blueberry muffins I’ve ever had.

Outbound gluten free breakfast food on Singapore Airlines economy class - outbound form the UK was better than inbound.

Oh – the food service included a little bit of luxury – real cutlery! Not the usual crappy plastic knives and forks – actual solid stainless steel knives and forks! It’s the little details that cheer you up. (I’m a simple soul).

There were several drink services throughout the flight – I and my parents chose a gin and tonic to toast the start of our holiday (and personally to give my herbal sleeping tablets a helping hand!)

Overall thoughts

A 13 hour flight is never going to be a joyous experience, but its thanks to some of the smallest details that our flight was pretty decent. If you’re flying long haul with Singapore Airlines, I’d certainly say you’re in good hands, especially flying with dietary requirements!

What’s the best airline experience you’ve had flying economy? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media!

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  • 11/03/2018

    Singapore Airlines sound great – I’ve never flown with them. I really like Virgin economy – the service is fantastic… and Virgin Upper is just amazing!


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