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Our sail into St Vincent gave us a dawn view of the Grenadine islands of Bequia and Mustique, two of the Grenadine islands on our itinerary.

Adonia docked in the port of Kingstown, and our view from the balcony was of a very lush island, its green foliage interspersed with pastel coloured houses scattered up its rolling hills, bursts of pinks and turquoises standing out proudly from their neighbours.

Today was a day we had set aside for one of P&O’s excursions, Waterfalls and Coast. We’ve got a bit of an addiction to catamaran trips in our family. They tend to be on the pricier side of P&O’s Shore Excursions, but include lunch and an open bar….that’s not the reason we’re addicted though, I promise! Catamaran trips are just a lovely way to see the island, and are usually a bit less stressful than the Caribbean roads!

Our day out was with Wind and Sea excursions, and we were escorted from the port entrance to the catamaran Ti Marouba, which we would be spending the morning on. We were pleased to see they had split the group so there were only around 20 people on the catamaran, making for plenty of personal space to relax in – we’ve been on excursions with American lines where they cram on as many passengers as possible – not the most tranquil of trips!

We were introduced to the Ti Marouba’s crew and we set off along the coast of St Vincent. Our enthusiastic guide Owen was a fountain of knowledge, giving us a bit of history of St Vincent as well as pointing out interesting buildings and landmarks along the coast.

One of the landmarks we had pointed out to us early on was the hospital – he explained the small island tries to use space as efficiently as possible, meaning the morgue and cemetery were in fact all within hospital grounds. Now that’s motivation to get well!

A Hollywood Connection

Many of the islands we have visited over the years do what they can to play on that Disney franchise, however on our boat trip we got to see two recognisable film locations from the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise. The first was a magnificent natural arch, which features in the scene that introduced Captain Jack Sparrow to the world. We also saw the tiny purpose built pier and buildings that stood as the entrance to Port Royal – I later got the opening of the film up on YouTube to see it in action!

We also stopped for a swim at one of the beaches featured in the film. Its steep bank was made of beautiful glittering black sand, with crabs peeking out from their holes to say hello. This stop made for some good snorkelling, the small reef teeming with species of fish, brain coral and huge black sea urchins – I was keeping my feet well away from those!

After continuing along the coast a while longer we stopped off for some lunch – jerk chicken and rice – leaving me once again thankful that traditional Caribbean fare is naturally gluten-free!

Myleene Klass, eat your heart out!

We then got on a coach and journeyed to the Dark View falls, one of three falls on the island. To get there we had to make our way over a rather rickety looking bamboo bridge that wouldn’t be out of place on I’m a Celebrity! Our guide proudly told us that during the flash floods in 2013, the brick and concrete bridge nearby had been swept away while this one stood firm…how reassuring…

Well, we made it over, and made our way to make a splash in the waterfall. Whilst the water was surprisingly warm, it didn’t exactly make for a gentle shower – the force of the water nearly knocks the breath out of you!

We then got back into our coach and took the winding roads back to the port. Thank god for our guides, whose insights into the island took our mind’s partly off the hairpin bends of what was apparently St Vincent’s highway!

St Vincent has only recently seen the addition of an international airport, so is mainly untouched by hotel developments – it’s certainly one of the most picturesque islands I’ve visited so far – I’d highly recommend taking this tour option if you get the chance, seeing the best of the island on both land and sea.

What did you see on your visit to St Vincent? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments or get in touch on social media!


  • 29/04/2018

    Part of Pirates was filmed there!? I would love to go to all their filming locations. Great read! Thank you


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