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Aaaand relax…. The Massage From Heaven at Renaissance Skincare & Beauty*

I’m a proper stresshead. Always have been, always will be. It’s something I’ve been working on over the years, but at the moment, I’m aware job hunting is subliminally freaking me out. Sometimes, you just need to take time to switch off and chill out, something I’m not great at doing. Something I had considered trying a few times, is escaping and treating myself to a little bit of a massage. My mum and I have done spa days before and the massages always leave you feeling so super relaxed. I always assumed that you had to go to spa’s in the city centre or out in the countryside to get these experiences. It’s only fairly recently I’ve realised there are some places closer to home that can offer a pampering experience. That’s why I was so excited to get an invite to a Blogger Pamper Party at Renaissance Skincare & Beauty, a salon based in Prescot. There is another branch in St Helens that I’d heard about before, but I’d never realised there was a Prescot branch a 10…

In need of a pampering? Renaissance Skincare & Beauty have salons in St Helens and Prescot, and offer treatments suitable for everyone! I was lucky enough to get the massage from heaven at their recent pamper party. Read the blog here >>

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