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Gluten Free Sugar Heaven at Haute Dolci

When you’ve been gluten free for a while you tend to notice the same old things all the time on dessert menus. I’m not complaining, I love me a good gluten free brownie, but the choice tends to be quite limited.  So obviously I was going to say yes to trying out a dessert restaurant with gluten free options. I’ve heard of a few dessert restaurant concepts before but never visited one, and even as someone that loves a bit of cake, I wasn’t sure whether it’d be my cup of tea. I visited Haute Dolci’s Cheshire branch, located at the Coliseum shopping park next to Cheshire Oaks. It was nice little occasion in the middle of a shopping trip with Jess & Leah. Upon walking into the restaurant, it’s clear they’re going for a high end feel. It’s all very glossy, and almost feels more like modern luxury hotel than a dessert place. As well as the normal booths and tables, there are some private dining areas where you can book special slightly romantic experiences – flowers and fizz,…

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