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Review: Improving My Gut Health With Bimuno Daily*

I was recently gifted a pack of Bimuno Daily – here’s what I thought of this gluten free prebiotic supplement. Since going gluten free I’ve become a lot more aware of how what I eat affects me, gluten or not. In fact, one of my resolutions for this year is to be even more mindful of what I’m putting into my body and trying to improve my health a little bit. After all, the ancient Greeks were the first one to realise the health and wellness was greatly related to the gut! One of the things I’ve been aware of is that I am actually prone to having a dodgy tummy even when eating gluten free – I’m prone to bloating and being a bit gassy…the change of water on our last cruise messed me up for a few days! I’ll say no more! Anyway, as part of trying to improve my general health, I’d actually been looking into trying things like probiotic yoghurts – I got a couple from the supermarket but I don’t really love the taste, and often…

Since going gluten free I've become a lot more aware of how what I eat affects me, as I'm still quite prone to bloating and having a funny tummy. I was recently sent some of Bimuno's prebiotic food supplements to try - check out what I thought on the blog >>

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