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Come back sunshine, all is forgiven! Remember when it was absolutely scorching even in Northern England, everyone had their legs out and windows flung open cursing that air conditioning isn’t a thing in this country (hear that America? The complaints are warranted!)

Well, that’s well and truly disappeared. Gone is the heat and sunshine and here comes the…well, that annoying drizzly thing we call Autumn.

Actually the day this goes live is the Autumn equinox, all the memes raving about pumpkin spice whatever are starting to float around and we’re all doing our best to romanticise what is basically the UK’s rainy season starting again.

Well, I’m a terrible Northerner. Must be the Southern genes (ta Dad) but I turn into a wuss when it’s cold and rainy on a night out. I never got the memo about no tights and the last big night in Liverpool, I had a proper raincoat and an umbrella with me. Good job I’m as far South as Merseyside, Tyneside would have be burned at the stake! #ISayThisWithLove #IfTheNoCoatsRuleIsTrueISaluteYou

Sometimes….you just need a night in. And I think when I suggested it to the girls, we were all ready for a bit of the same.

As much as I love a night out on the town, sometimes you just want a night without screaming yourself hoarse to try and talk over the music, no getting caught in the rain and no sore feet at the end of the night.

A tradition myself and some girl friends established some years ago was  cheese and fizz night. The premise is simple.

The Drinks

There are several stages to this.

The first is the “We’re going to be sophisticated tonight”. You raid the garage and steal a bottle of Cava from the rack. You even serve it in fancy glasses, like the gorgeous La Rochere Bee ones I was gifted from Chefs Collection.

The second stage is “Better the devil you know”. You retreat to the safety of your usual drink. Gin & Lemonade, Rum & Coke, Strongbow Dark Fruit. Nice and safe.

The third stage is the novelty drinks. It’s a bit of a tradition between me and my friend Jess, especially if it’s birthday. You’ve got to have at least one dodgy substance brought to the table…no not that! Something noxious and glittery and chemical tasting from B&M or Home Bargain’s booze aisle. 

The fourth stage is….”Shall we just have a cup of tea?”. I’m pretty sure even when I used to throw house parties they were great, not that there were that many please don’t read this bit mum the night often ended with putting the kettle on. 

We’re going to pretend this photo was done on the night ok? Apparently blog photos taken under the influence of terrible indoor lighting and a bottle of Cava don’t come out that well….Glasses and Spreading Knife gifted by Chefs Collection

The Cheese

Cheese nights are my favourite. Admittedly the faffing with cross contamination is a bit of an added tipsy obstacle these days but seriously, a girls night in is made 20 times better with cheese. My personal recommendations are a good Cheddar, Brie, Blue Cheese and melted Camambert. Preferably multiple melted Camamberts. If you haven’t tried it yet, get on it. 

The Films

Get on a good film. For us, being musical theatre fans, it’s got to have some elements of sing-a-long-ability. Staple favourites include:

Moulin Rouge. One of my favourites ever – it’s a jukebox musical that you probably won’t like the first time because…it’s a bit unusual….but you’ll fall in love on the rewatch.

Mamma Mia! I love this film (and my favourite random fact is my parents met on the island where it was filmed). We’ve decided our drama group NEEDS to do this show if it’s available for amateur companies. Because why the hell not.

Burlesque. Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, I can’t actually tell you what this is about (other than the obvious). The script is awful, the plotline questionable but you will probably fancy everyone in it. And the songs are…actually ok?

I was very kindly gifted some champagne glasses and a spreading knife by Chefs Collection, an online source for Professional Cookware based in the UK.

Chef’s Collection offer the very best of Cookware, Bakeware, Serveware, Tableware, Kitchen Equipments and more, with a focus on Quality, Exclusivity and Friendly-Customer Service.

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