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When you’ve been gluten free for a while you tend to notice the same old things all the time on dessert menus. I’m not complaining, I love me a good gluten free brownie, but the choice tends to be quite limited. 

So obviously I was going to say yes to trying out a dessert restaurant with gluten free options.

I’ve heard of a few dessert restaurant concepts before but never visited one, and even as someone that loves a bit of cake, I wasn’t sure whether it’d be my cup of tea.

I visited Haute Dolci’s Cheshire branch, located at the Coliseum shopping park next to Cheshire Oaks. It was nice little occasion in the middle of a shopping trip with Jess & Leah.

Upon walking into the restaurant, it’s clear they’re going for a high end feel. It’s all very glossy, and almost feels more like modern luxury hotel than a dessert place. As well as the normal booths and tables, there are some private dining areas where you can book special slightly romantic experiences – flowers and fizz, that sort of thing.

We were seated in a booth and given the menus to look over. Those with no dietary requirements have a choice of 71 dessert options, from ice cream sundaes, to pancake stacks to waffles.

Having been assured there were gluten free options, I was ready to see a drastically cut down menu – I wasn’t expecting to be handed a Gluten Free & Vegan menu of 45 gluten free options! To be fair, they were mostly combinations of a few basic ingredients, but great to see all the same. You could also build your own dessert by combining items from a set list of ingredients.

It was interesting to see what had been omitted – everything is made on site, and they’ve missed out types of waffles where by their own admission, they just can’t get them to the quality they want using gluten free flour. We were told that they’d changed one of the cakes (I think it was the Victoria Sponge) to gluten free for everyone because they found they preferred the way that version turned out.

A few options that caught my eye were the tongue in cheek “I’ll Have What She’s Having” waffles and some other great stacks – I ended up going for a pancake stack called Maiden Voyage because, well, of course I did. #ShipNerd

You couldn’t particularly tell the pancakes were gluten free, and it was covered in one of those sauces so chocolatey it makes you feel a bit queasy – perfect! 

I’ve got to say, as much as I loved the experience, I think I’d be more likely to go back to the Trafford Centre branch when that opens, mainly as I feel like this is a place I’d rather go to in the evening. 

Haute Dolci can be found in Cheshire and Coventry, and is opening soon in Leicester, Manchester, Bolton, Lytham, Blackburn, Leeds.

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