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Lifeway Kefir comes in 4 different flavours

There tends to be a lot of excitement surrounding superfoods – we’re always being told to add more of them to our diet, but sometimes it can feel like we’re not really being told why. That’s why I was so excited to try out Lifeway Kefir. 

What exactly is kefir?

So if you like smoothies, you’re off to a good start – the consistency is like a thinner version of a yoghurt drink – Lifeway describe it as a ‘live and active cultured milk smoothie’

While the consistency (to me) is similar, Kefir is made differently to yoghurt and contains a lot more active cultures than yoghurt. It is higher in fat but also packs in a lot more fat and probiotics – they’re the good bits!

You know when you get a funny tummy when you come back from travelling? That’s often the bacteria in your digestive system being thrown off a little – I’ve spoken before about prebiotic products, and this is similar. Probiotics help rest the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut that could have been disturbed by getting ill, or simply travelling and excess alcohol consumption (I’m looking at you Caribbean cruises!)

What are the benefits of drinking Kefir?

Anything with probiotics in sounds like it’s good for you, but what specifically is so great about Lifeway? Well, here are a few of their claims.

NutritionIt’s nutrient dense, packed with protein (3.2g per 100ml) vitamins, potassium and calcium – one serving contains 30% of your daily calcium requirement. 

Skin Boosting – It also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which is a popular ingredient in skincare products.

Gluten Free – Most important for me, Kefir is naturally gluten free. It’s full of natural ingredients with no nasty preservatives or artificial additives. It also claims to be 99% lactose free, so suitable for many with lactose intolerances – you be your own judge though. 

What does it taste like?

So I’ve spoken about the consistency already, but what about the flavours? Kefir has a bit of a tangy taste to it, certainly not as sweet as yoghurt. I tried 4 flavours of Lifeway Kefir – their Original, Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango.

I’ll be honest, I find the flavour of the Original a bit too tart, and a preferred the Blueberry and Strawberry. I believe they have a lot more flavours in the States including Peach, Strawberry & Banana, Cappucino and Chocolate – here’s hoping some of those will cross the pond!

Where can you buy Lifeway Kefir?

Lifeway Kefir started in the states, but you can get it in the North West of the UK in Booths supermarkets – I’m not posh enough to have one near me but often pass them on days out – they can be found in various locations around Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Yorkshire and there’s one in MediaCity. 

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