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Photo Diary: Our Day in Bali

Bali was the first port on our cruise on the Sapphire Princess – I’d normally be itching to get onto dry land after two days at sea, but the crossing had been so smooth and there had been so much to do! All the same, Bali is one of those places everyone who’s been RAVES about. Even if only for a few hours, I was excited to see the place. The ship docked off the coast of Benoa, a tender port. Disembarking the tender we were greeted by some traditional music and dancers. We pushed our way through the standard bustle of taxi drivers to find our tour guide – we had prebooked a private tour with our driver Madi – this cost us US$60 for the 5 of us, much cheaper than the ship’s excursions! After fighting through some heavy traffic we visited a Hindu temple of Vishnu. Upon arriving we were given wraps to put around our waists – we were wearing trousers so I think this was for cleanliness as well as modesty. I have to admit,…

We only got a short amount of time in Bali, but it was enough to give us a taste of what the island had to offer. I'll definitely be returning, but for now I'm happy with memories of temples, fields and Cat-Poo-Cino!

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