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Getting my confidence back after losing hair after coming off the pill

There’s a lot of things they don’t tell you about the pill, and one of them is the risk of hair loss after stopping the pill.

I was born with a ridiculous head of hair. Not quite as good as that baby in that clip that went viral a while ago, but it was still quite a lot. It’s always been pretty long and very thick, until about two years ago.

In 2017, aged 23, I decided to come off the pill, mainly as an experiment to see if I could get to know my body and natural cycles a bit more.

I’ve never really used it as contraception, I was always on it to control my periods (which were pretty extreme), but decided it was time to let my body deal with its own hormones.

I saw quite a lot of changes after coming off the pill, one of which being my hair got thinner. I’m not the only one – according to the American Hair Loss Association, women who arehypersensitive to hormonal change can experience hair loss while on the pill or more commonly, several weeks or months after stopping the pill.

While it never came out in chunks, my hair got noticeably thinner around the parting – its only now, over a year on, that it’s starting to get thicker again.

While ultimately you should have a chat with your GP if you notice hair loss, here are a few tips from me.

  • Get rid of any hair products with SLS in. It can irritate skin, which won’t help matters.
  • Take Vitamin Supplements – I have a Vitamin D deficiency which I was told wasn’t helpign matters. I was given some super strength ones by my doctor.
  • Talk to your hairdresser – a good hairdresser will style it in the most flattering way – for me having shorter hair has helped.
  • Dry and style it in a way that gives you more confidence – its obvious my hair is growing back seeing as I’m back to not really caring as much about my hair. Get a decent hair dryer and blow dry some volume into it.
  • Use a good quality hair styling tool – the new Nanoe Ion Hair Dryer from Panasonic is kind to your hair cuticles, claiming to maintain around 1000 more moisture in your hair than other hairdryers.
  • Try not to use too much heat on your hair – I tried to leave my hair to half dry naturally where possible – the Nanoe Ion hair dryer has three heat setting plus a ‘cool-shot’ button to help dry your hair without a full amount of heat.

Did you notice any issues with your hair after coming off the pill? Let me know in the comments below.

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