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I’ve suffered with my skin for as long as I can remember – I’m pretty sure I was born with eczema, and I’ve got vague memories of being lathered in lotions and potions growing up.

I grew out of my eczema for a while, then in my twenties, it came back with a vengeance! I’m lucky enough to be blessed with the sensational combination of eczema, dermatitis herpetiformis and generally dry skin. I’ve tried all sorts, both prescribed lotions and various brands – trust me, my bathroom is a shrine to Tesco Pharmacy and Holland & Barretts.

After the extensive time in the sun followed by the cold of North West England I’m currently dealing with a really severe bout of dry skin – here are the products that are currently keeping me semi-sane.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

I first read about this in someone’s eczema blog years ago – I wish I could remember whose it was – you’re a lifesaver!

I love Dr Organic’s Manuka Honey range, but my favourite has to be the Rescue Cream. I particularly use it as face cream – I tend to get flare-ups under my eyebrows, around my mouth and on my earlobes. It’s super moisturising, and sinks in really easily – it doesn’t sting irritated skin like some other moisturizers tend to do. The combination of organic Manuka honey, cocoa butter, vitamin E and beeswax is so gentle, and it smells divine!


I first started using this in ointment form, where its really thick and gunky – I’m currently using it below my eyebrows where my skin is currently really dry and flaky. For my body though I much prefer the lotion form. It comes in a big pump bottle, best generously slathered on after a shower. It takes a bit of working in to sink in but is a really good moisturiser. Plus its SLS free, which is really important for eczema prone skin! I get mine via prescription but it’s available to buy if you aren’t being prescribed it.

T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

Ok, so its not a moisturiser, but this is a vital new addition to my eczema care routine! I struggle, as so many do, with broken skin from itching so much, and often suffer from weeping bits of eczema (yum, so glamourous) – I’ve been dabbing this on sore patches and its been a miracle worker for drying up any nasty patches. It also seems to take away a fair bit of itching, as well as bruises!

Child’s Farm Grapefruit & Organic Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser

This has recently been in the press as being a lifesaver for eczema and psoriasis – as a result it took me 2 weeks of going round shops to find it (actually it was my mum that eventually found it – thanks mum!). It’s certainly very soothing and smells pretty good – I’ve not been using it quite long enough to pass a proper verdict on it but it’s certainly working as a nice moisturiser for now!

Melolin Dressings

Alongside my dry skin and eczema, I’ve always had a problem with scratching and skin picking. It’s the taboo side of skin problems but it means I’ve usually got scabs and open wounds somewhere on me. I find that covering it when it’s really bad can help with the healing and stopping your clothes sticking to your skin.

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